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“I knew exactly what was wrong with my car before I took it in. They told me exactly what I already knew and didn't try to add a bunch of useless line items. I haven't been to any other shop since (20 yrs).”

Bret Detrick

Apr 14, 2021 – New Hudson, MI

“I never thought it would be a blessing that someone stole my catalytic converter but that’s how I came to Tuffy. I’m a female and I have been ripped off by many service centers. Today I left there feeling like I totally understood the repair needed and why a fabrication could not be done - the thieves cut the pipe too close to the bend. They also provided me with a ride home. I now have a place that I can feel like I’ll be told the truth. Thanks so much!”

Jo Miller

Mar 01, 2021 – New Hudson, MI

“I have taken several of our vehicles to Tuffy South Lyon for repairs over the past 6 years since moving to the area. They provide excellent service at good prices; they offer options when available and have saved me a lot of money in repairs compared to other places. ”

Chris L

Jul 10, 2020 – New Hudson, MI

“Took my car in because it was making loud noise, they test drove it and put it up and found it was a bent brake plate hitting metal. They fixed it then test drove it, problem fixed. They didn't charge me anything, so honest, will always take my car there now.”

Leslie Roy

Apr 02, 2018 – south lyon, MI

“I had a few different service issues with my car. I have always taken my car to the dealer and was a little skeptical taking it to another place. Not only was Doug and the team at this Tuffy location courteous, fast and efficient, they were, obviously, less expensive than the dealer. My experience with them exceeded my expectations! Thank you!”

Andra A

Apr 09, 2015 – South Lyon, MI

“Once again, amazing service. Thank you. The service here is worth the drive.”

debra j

Oct 07, 2014 – farmington, MI

“This place is awesome. When Belle Tire let me down and couldn't fix my Tuffy came thru with flying colors.They even drove me to two places to a rental . My car is running great. This is the place to go repairs.”

debra j

Sep 11, 2014 – farmington, MI

“Doug, is always courteous and polite. The work has always been stellar. I continue to employ this shops services and would heartily recommend them to friends and family”

Mark M

Nov 15, 2013 – new hudson, MI